About us

Pretcorr was founded to fill the void in the fuel retail POS market to supply reasonable priced software to non-branded and dealer owned retailers. The software is designed to run on the latest Windows based systems and utilises entry level computer hardware. Interface equipment is manufactured and designed internally and stock is readily available.


Our core business is supplying software and hardware and the installation of said systems on site and supporting them. We develop all the electronics reuired for our industry. Our latest design is a wireless link that will replace cables on a forecourt, and has been a resounding success.


The forecourt software package is called MasterFuel and in installed at more than 200 sites, mainly in KZN. We are based in Hillcrest close to Durban and our main footprint is in KZN and surrounds. Eastern and western cape regions are rapidly expanding areas as well. MasterFuel is written in Delphi and works on the latest Microsoft Windows offerings.The database that we use is MySQL or MariaDB and this works well in a network environment.

Masterfuel is fully integrated into Pastel accounting as well as Omni accounts, with various levels of automation of data import/export. there are several distributors utilizing this fucnctionality.


The software is designed to be scalable to your company needs and can be made as big and as small as your company requires. We are constantly enhancing our software and most likely the only company currently that do. It is important to listen to our customers and adjust the requirements as the industry changes. That is the philosophy that we started with and it has guided the direction of MasterFuel ever since.


If problems are found in the system they are addressed as a matter of urgency to minimise loss and or disruption to site operations. Dealer requested enhancements (non essential) are subject to approval and where applicable certain charges may apply. Core functions of the software take precedence and these are maintained and debugged regularly and without delay where necessary.

Clients on Service agreements are maintained as such without additional cost whereas ad-hoc service to existing clients may incur costs, depending on the solution required and time past the warrantee period of 3 months on installation.


What’s New

The introduction of our wireless communication system has been a resounding success. over 30 sites are now running on this method. the advantages of the wireless communication system is that there is no need for cable and the costly installations thereof, also the incidences of lightning relates damage is greatly reduced! any site layout can now be accommodated as the wireless system can communicate over 1km!